Our corporate governance policies promote the long-term interests of stockholders, accountability and trust in CatchMark. Below is a summary of some of the highlights of our corporate governance framework.

✓  Annual election of all directors ✓  Average director tenure of 4.5 years
  Majority voting with plurality carve-out for contested elections     Risk oversight by the board and committees
  Five of six directors are independent    Annual board and committee self-evaluations
  Separate independent Chairman and CEO  No supermajority voting
  Anti-hedging and anti-pledging policy    No stockholder rights plan
✓  Executive officer stock ownership guidelines ✓  Stockholders have right to amend bylaws
  Independent director stock ownership guidelines   Board diversity policy
  Regular executive sessions of independent directors   Director continuing education policy
  Related person transactions policy   All directors attended at least 75% of 2021 meetings
  Annual say-on-pay advisory votes    Stockholder engagement



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