John Rasor

President, Triple T Timberlands


Attended Willamette University and the University of Oregon


Mr. John F. Rasor, CatchMark’s former chief operating officer, will transition to serve as President of TexMark Timber Treasury (Triple T Timberlands), a newly formed joint venture company CatchMark has formed with a consortium of institutional investors. Mr. Rasor joined the company in 2013, bringing over 45 years of experience in the timberland and forest products industries, including expertise in manufacturing, fiber procurement and log merchandising, sales and distribution. From 2011 until 2013, Mr. Rasor served as a Principal with Mr. Barag of TimberStar Advisors. From 2004 to September 2011, he was Managing Director of TimberStar. During his 40-year career with Georgia-Pacific Corporation, or Georgia Pacific, from 1996 to 2003, Mr. Rasor served as an Executive Vice President of Georgia-Pacific, where he was responsible for all of Georgia-Pacific’s timberland and the procurement of all the wood and fiber needed to operate Georgia-Pacific’s mills. He also played a key role in the separation of Georgia-Pacific’s timberland assets into a separate operating entity in 1997 that subsequently merged with Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc. in 2001. Following the separation of Georgia Pacific’s timberland assets, Mr. Rasor assumed responsibility for several of Georgia Pacific’s building products business units and staff positions in addition to serving as a member of the Executive Management Committee of the Company.

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